one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion

Cibo Matto

credit: Mary Dvorsky & Christina

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  1. Mary…i love what you’ve done with your hair. two-tone hair will be all the rage now.

  2. It seems like maybe you’re looking California but feeling Minnesota. I can relate…

  3. I wish my face were so blue.

  4. hehe, this is awesome! you are the FIRST photo! get ready for fame . . .

  5. Awesome. Just awesome ladies.

  6. Hi there,

    Does sleeveface want submissions?

    I’ve done a couple on my blog:

    I love sleeveface, it’s fabby-doo!


  7. Sleeveface…

    Coolspotting on “Sleeveface” courtesy the team at Real Branding. Simple, pure, addictive. enjoy. Kinda like that HP printer campaign but more natural. The description:
    Funny trend that caught on when a DJ in an England club held the cover o…

  8. i just discovered your site and I’m in love. Refreshingly creative. It’s just jake.

    Thanks for the entertainment! Brilliant!

  9. very cool :)

  10. Album Cover Illusions via SleeveFace…

    The Feed by G4tv recently featured a post as a Nugget From the Net on a site called that features people holding up album covers in such a way that gives off the illusion that the album is part of the resulting photograph. The picture …

  11. Bravo ! so cool !

    I have put a post on my blog about yours (in french).

    btw impossible to see the last post Cibo Matto

    take care

  12. I wanna post my sleeveface pictures, but how do you that?? Cool anyway!

  13. You can attach you pics to an email and send them to Thanks!

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  15. Ah! Awesome album!

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