one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion

Nana Mouskouri in Reykjavik

Nana Mouskouri

Bodó who took this Sleeveface pic had this to say:

Im digging In Reykjavik in the local flee market, since we r stucked of volcano bullsh*t ash, i found some amazing records, and also this Nana Mouskouri LP, i didnt wanna buy it cos I remembered I have a 7″, and it wasnt that fine, but we have to admit, Nana looks catchy, eyes poppin out .
So im like YES, i need that to be a Sleeveface tho, so i started to look around, who have that kind of jacket. about 12 seconds, i see a nice lady is walking that way, with the same color , so when she arrived to the place i was standing, i immediatly asked her> Shall i make a picture of U with the record covering your head? . And she is like : “Sure sure. Oh… look, ” -telling her girlfreinds ” this is Nana Mouskouri.. my granddad used to date with her.” ..
And she wasnt joking. I couldnt belive it, so i was asking her and she said some details, and held the record to her pretty face,. She had a royal handshake.
After i said well this is nice, may i put this up to Sleeveface, and she said yes sure i know that page…:)

so here it is Carl, the stories come together and share laughs in Reykjavik, where everything is so easy and nice.

Credit: Bodó Márton

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  1. love this so much. record collectors are such fine people.


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