The Kick Inside

credit: Bill / Steve

I hadn’t seen this unusual version of The Kick Inside LP sleeve before Bill submitted this.

If you hadn’t heard the music, you’d assume from this sleeve that Kate Bush was a teeny pop star or something – it’s totally inappropriate for the music.

BUT totally perfect for Sleeveface!

5 comments on “The Kick Inside”

  1. I’m not sure about the LP, but this album was released in CD form using three different covers in the UK, US and Japan. I’m pretty sure the “pink top” cover was the Japanese version.

  2. Oddly I think this is the poorest yet.
    Am I a closet Kate fan ?
    Or do I simply think at least the guy could of found a pink top and set up his man boobies to make this worth the time ?

  3. Oh, no, she looks like Britney Spears on that sleeve. I love Kate Bush – but I absolutely agree: It´s totally inappropriate for the music.

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