Open letter to Karl Lagerfeld

Here follows an open letter to the well known German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld

Dear Karl Lagerfeld

I noticed you’ve just launched your new collection of clothes designs. Most memorably for me you’ve done a bag people can hold in front of their face.

Anyway, I do a thing called Sleeveface which means I like to hold record sleeves in front of my face. It’s very possible you took your inspiration from Sleeveface. In which case on behalf of the worldwide Sleeveface community, we’re calling our lawyers to ask you to cease and desist…

Ha ha, just kidding! I haven’t even got a lawyer and don’t want to interfere with anyone’s bag, let alone yours. It ain’t my bag. As we say over here.

The beauty of Sleeveface is that ANYONE can do it. (And did.) It’s always great to see people getting together, horsing around and extending the idea.

(The bag is wicked by the way, nice work!)

Of course, I can’t be exactly sure you were inspired by Sleeveface. (People have been putting stuff in front of their faces since TIME.) But even if not… there is some weird and cool synchronicity taking place between you and the Sleeveface crowd. Either way, since you’re a pretty big deal in the fashion world, this bag design shows at once that putting stuff in front of your face is WHERE IT’S AT. You know it, I know it and peeps around the globe know it.

What I propose is that we get together at some point to work on some more ideas. It could be really fruitful and at the very least we could have some fun. The best place would be one of our Sleeveface parties – you’d get to meet loads of people who have developed and shaped the idea.

Our next two things are in south Wales, UK. Next month we’re doing a workshop and exhibition at Swn festival in Cardiff then in December a Christmas party at the Monkey cafe in Swansea.

Other than those we might do an event in London at some point when our Sleeveface book comes out – I can let you know if you like?

Let me know if you’re coming and I’ll shout you a cup of eggnog.


10 comments on “Open letter to Karl Lagerfeld”

  1. You are a funny man. Ha ha.
    I like your website very much.

    The face on the bag is me when I am unhappy.

    My bag was inspired by my mother. Not your website. Sorry.
    I am sorry I missed your parties.

    Have fun.

  2. Hello Karl
    Your website’s pretty cool too.
    How was your bag inspired by your mother?
    Was it the shape of the bag, or a feeling or a mood?
    Are you online much? Are you on Twitter?
    You probably should be :)

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