Ringo Starr – Stop And Smell The Roses

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr was in the news today. So, there I was, frantically searching for a Sleeveface of the man for some topicality.

Then Wired beat me to it. But it’s a good one and deserves another showing.

Sleeveface is still open for all correspondence, as if we’d ever desert you.

credit: asleeponasunbeam

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  1. I know how it feels!!!!

    Imagine looking like Ringo Starr from the age of 15 to present day at age 57. I have always loved The Beatles as they inspired me to become a worldwide recording artist. I tried on many occasions to meet Ringo only to be shut out and embarrassed, all I wanted to say was thank you. I am the worlds number one Ringo Starr look a like
    I am working on a true tell all book regarding my experience playing Ringo Starr around the world. Please read my Bio and if you would like to write to me, I will answer every one of your letters and requests for as long as I live. I will back up the true meaning of Peace and Love.

    I fulfilled my childhood dream only to be ignored from my Idol Ringo Starr.

    My CD was called Look’s Like Ringo Sounds Like John, and then we changed to name to The Abbey Road Sessions.

    About me Chris Tassone and his band The Wiseguys International
    If you could imagine how the Beatles would sound like if they were writing and recording in the new Millennium, well this is it.
    Around the writing and vocals of Chris Tassone, Grammy winning producer Ron Magness put together a star studded cast of musicians at Abbey Road studios including the Who’s John Entwistle and Zak Starkey, Elvis’ drummer DJ Fontana, Georgie Fame, Mickey Wynne and Gallagher and Lyle.
    Chris Tassone has been described as the world’s foremost ‘Ringo Starr’ impersonator. Ringo’s son, Zak Starkey, called him ‘dad’ while working with Chris on this album.
    Chris has appeared on talk shows all over America and Europe being interviewed while performing as a Ringo Starr look-a-like. Chris is an accomplished musician who aspired to play drums, guitar and keyboards which he diligently conquered , not to mention the remarkable impression he leaves on fans across the globe,with his vocal attributes, which indeed places Chris as one of the top in his field. Impressions of Ringo Starr, John Lennon and George Harrison are unrivaled and Chris has even appeared at the SKYDOME in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at a Paul McCartney concert as a VIP ushered up to the front row. Chris has made guest appearances as Ringo with such music luminaries as: Ronnie Hawkins, Beatlemania, Living Legends, Carlos Santana and Tommy Davidson (“In Living Colour”), Cavern City Tours: Mersey Beatle Festival, Liverpool, England. The largest Beatle festival in the world. Performing as Ringo Starr, Chris ‘Ringo’ Tassone.
    Pete Bennett (world’s 1 Promoter – Beatles) TV Commercials, Ford Lincoln; Casino Niagara, YTV Network: Co-host “The Hit List”, starring Tarzan Dan, (The Youth Channel, 1 rated show); Chris writes his music in an accomplished Beatles style and was quoted in a London BBC Radio interview as being “the man who was writing music like the Beatles would, if they were all still alive and together today.” Chris is no stranger to the adulation heaped on the FAB FOUR. He has been mobbed in airports, on the street in cities around the world, in restaurants and theatres. When he tries to explain that he is not Ringo, people just don’t want to believe him. Chris has developed a pat-line for people who ask him if he’s Ringo: “Do I look like Paul. :-) ” Chris has a sense of fun and humour and genuine love and admiration for anything that is Beatles. Really he is just one of their greatest fans. His charm and his emulation of their music has made him an ‘ambassador of good will’. Chris Tassone continues to celebrate one the greatest bands in rock n’ roll history.
    And this record is a testimony to that.

    Contact details
    1550 KINGSTON ROAD, SUITE 1024
    CANADA L1V 6W9

    ARTISTS PERFORMED AND RECORDED WITH TO DATE: Pete Best (Original Beatle Drummer) — John Entwistle (The Who) – Billy Nichols (The Who), Zak Starkey (The Who) – Len Gary (The Quarry Men) – Mickey Wynne (the Pioneers featuring John Entwistle, the Tim Rose band, Julian Lennon’s guitar teacher) – Jody Linscott (Paul McCartney) – Steve Holley Wings (Paul McCartney – Ruth McCartney (Paul McCartney’s Step Sister) – Beatlemania (stars of the New York Broadway show) – Ron Magness (Mick Jagger,Grammy winner,Flash Dance movie) – Andy Miller (Status Quo, Slade) – Daniel Cainer (Fame) – Archie Leggette (Spooky Tooth, Foreigner, Gerry Rafferty. Dr John) – Alfred Johnson (Ricky Lee Jones, Songwriter) – Benny Gallagher , Graham Lyle (Gallagher & Lyle) – Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music) – Manfred Man, – Ian Wilson (Sad Café) – Ronnie Hawkins (The Hawks) – Bob Gallo (Studio owner, Producer) – Georgie Fame (Van Morrison) – D.J. Fontana ,The Jordinaires , J.D. Sumner , Charlie Hodge (all Elvis Presley band)

  2. Hi Chris if you read this.
    I’d like to find out the story from Chris Tassone about him hanging out with his friends backstage at the Woodstock Festival. I’m guessing he was about 19 years old then. Which friends was he was hanging out with and how did he manage to get access backstage? It sounds like a very cool story and experience! I purchased a Woodstock poster from Chris about a decade ago and would love to know more about the story. According to Chris the full size Woodstock poster was signed by Jimi Hendrix in person back in 1969 when he was hanging out with his friends at the Woodstock Festival. I’d really love to get more details about that experience. I love the poster and had it professionally matted and framed right after I got it. It’s my favorite piece in my collection. I also received a CD, The Abbey Road Sessions, signed by Chris Tassone, it’s a very good album, I love it!
    If anyone can contact Chis and if he could kindly take the time to write me about his Woodstock experience I’d be very appreciative. I’d love to have more details about that experience he had at Woodstock so it can stay with the poster. Someday I’ll probably hand it down to my older brothers son Austin, he plays guitar and also loves Jimi.
    Best Regards,

  3. There comes a time in living when people don’t understand that all this love and giving is just a helping hand. We can live together!

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