6 comments on “A Continental Affair”

  1. Wow! Almost every time I get online and poke around I end up finding something new. This time was no exception. :)

    This is a very interesting form of art that I will check into more. Heck, Google shows that approximately 1600 people search for this term each month. Wow!

    Anyway, nice pic. I’ll look around your site and see if I can learn more.


  2. I love how you’ve incorporated all ideas in here! It’s an abstract, a picturesque you shot effortlessly! I wish I’d thought of this before. You look like Heidi Klum, so pretty!

  3. In my next life I think I’ll choose to be a photographer. I love seeing what you’re doing with your composition, the different elements in a photo. Keep extending yourself. Blessings.

  4. That’s really cool.

    It took a few looks before I even realized that wasn’t the persons face – but a record sleeve with a photo on it.

    What’ll they do next? Paint on clothes to be naked but look like your wearing clothes…. o wait.

  5. No matter how hard I try to detect what is the different I still cannot find it. @Richard, Are you sure that it wasn’t the person’s face? I’ve spent more than 15 looking at it I still think that it’s the girl’s actual face. Can you please tell me where are the inconsistency that make you think this is not the actual face of this girl?

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