7 comments on “Arcadia – So Red The Rose”

  1. I love this Album so much(the fourth Duran Duran album I Always say).A perfect Bridge between Seven and Notorious. With the added bonus of Great Guest performers. The whole album feels like a Dream you never want to wake from. A Dark yet Romantic Dream. I love it so much that 30 years later I have named my dog Arcadia Luna. So ask me again if I am a fan of this mere side project.A million times Yes!!!

  2. I’m so glad I saw this post on facebook through the Duran Duran page. I’ve not heard of your project before, and I think it’s brilliant! I may have to try this out myself!

  3. How dare you touch my flame with your promise of entanglement keeping Us in the Dark , Let me tell you Miss Lady Ice your Election Day is over and this is Goodbye Forever of course until next time …….. x

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