Expert Knob Twiddlers Aphex Twin and μ-Ziq do a Sleeveface pic with their own Mike & Rich LP

Aphex Twin and μ-Ziq are titans of the electronic music world (otherwise known as Richard D. James and Mike Paradinas).

I’ve just seen this Sleeveface pic of their OWN record, which was used as a promotional photo for the 2016 reissue of their 1996 album Expert Knob Twiddlers.

As you can see the original design depicts Mike and Rich playing a game of Downfall where they try to advance their own discs and outwit each other by tricksily twiddling knobs.

It’s an apt visual metaphor for what they did in the studio, and the self-Sleeveface gesture makes it more so!

Here’s a tune from the album:

Credit: Richard D. James / Mike Paradinas / Planet Mu