Professional female models using Jean Paul Gaultier’s face to promote a drink

Ceci n'est pas Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier loves Diet Coke and would love you to experience its cool refreshing taste this summer.

In order to make this point it appears JP has allowed his designerly visage to be associated with the fizzy drink brand – more specifically for professional female models to obscure and augment their own faces with his own. I’m not aware that he’s ever released any records, I guess they printed the sleeve pics specially for this. The resulting images confront the issues of style and excess in that the ad agency has hired expensive models to frolic about and cover their attractiveness with an image of a 60-year-old French bloke’s face.

Anyway, it reminded me of something.

The first I knew about this was on a blog post and if you feel the urge, you can see more pictures of models covering their faces with Jean Paul’s face on that blog post and a video.

While we’re on the subject of style, see also: Karl Lagerfeld’s bag face