The Killers do a 4-way Sleeveface in their Human video

the killers human video sleeveface

Here’s a still taken from the latest video featuring aspiring group The Killers.

The song is called Human and as you can see, the Las Vegan four-piece love a bit of Sleevefacing.

This is no time for clowning around though. The piece is set in the sweltering heat of the desert and is a serious glance at the nature of humanity, with a lyric inspired by Hunter S. Thompson and footage of various animals for comparison.

Using four sleeves which appear to be custom made for each member of the band, the Sleeveface moment is fleeting but unmistakable. It happens at 1:55 and you can watch it here.

Bands take note. If you do Sleevefacing in your publicity material, it will probably get posted up here. Ergo, an extra publicity boost from Sleeveface Рfor The Killers.

This must surely gladden their hearts, given that at the time of writing the view count stands at a mere 1,034,788.

Trust me guys, the second million is always easier.

4 comments on “The Killers do a 4-way Sleeveface in their Human video”

  1. “Are we human or are we dancer?”

    Firstly, since when did the two things become mutually exclusive?

    Secondly, that sentence makes no grammatical nor, in fact, any sense whatsoever.

    Well done The Killers.

  2. It doesnt have to make sense. the quote “are we human or are we dancer?” was derived from a great American writer who wrote “We are raising a generation of dancers.” Brandon Flowers liked the quote and decided to make a song with a nice beat and something along the lines of that. Brilliance never makes sense. That’s why smart people, bad in the olden days, were thrown in the looney bin.

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