Quotes about the Sleeveface book which may inform your gift purchasing decision

I hope you’re enjoying the recent Christmas Sleevefaces.

I STILL have stacks of festive shopping to do. That reminds me…

The Sleeveface book is out now! If you’re buying gifts for friends and family, you have just a few hours to order online and get it in time for Christmas.

sleeveface be the vinyl book

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If you want to tip-off a book shop, the publisher is called Artisan Workman and the ISBN is 978-1579653798

sleeveface be the vinyl book

You’ve seen the pics, here are the heartwarming testimonials.

Just the best sight gag in ages!

David Bowie

For all you Vinyl Junkies, instead of just smelling the vinyl you can be the vinyl! If you believe that surrealism is the new reality!

Andy Bell (Erasure)

At my first glance at Sleeveface, I thought, Man, kids these days have too much free time on their hands. But within minutes my girlfriend and I were rifling through my record collection looking for suitable sleeves to make our own sleevefaces. It’s fun for all ages. Keep the sleeve alive! Genius!

Arthur Baker (record producer)

In 2006 I got rid of every album I had ever owned, some had been with me for 39 years. I believed they were redundant in this age of the hard drive and because I hate nostalgia. I now realise I had made a mistake. This mistake means I can no longer look forward to Sleevefacing parties, Sleevefacing sleepovers and attending the first ever Sleevefacing convention in Toronto

Bill Drummond (KLF, now author)

You are a funny man. Ha ha.
I like your website very much.
The face on the bag is me when I am unhappy.
My bag was inspired by my mother. Not your website. Sorry.
I am sorry I missed your parties.
Have fun.
Karl Lagerfeld (fashion designer) in Sleeveface site comment

I think I’ll name my first born Sleeveface.
Things I Like to Read….While I Should be Working (blog)

Sleeveface is the most brooding, sullen, sexy as hell way to prolong the death of our culture. Long live the record! Resurrection is part of the hero’s journey. Renewing, revitalizing, reappraising pop culture in ways no industry could ever dream of. Hats off to these Rock ‘n’ Roll creeps from Wales! DIY adulation and worship of these now ancient deities deserve all our most fashionable darlings’ attention and all art crazies desperate to be the next big thing at the Biennale. Unfathomable!!! Unquestionably this attitude gets all those pop legends back from the dead and inside, on top, to the left and right of the liver and kidney body parts of the next generation. Who says they are not Patti Smith? Elton John? David Bowie? Tim Buckley? Elvis? Who says? Who says?

Malcolm McLaren (musician / band manager)

I am very taken by the new phenomena called sleeveface. I am sure we can work it into some kind of organisational communications programme.

Able and How agency blog

If these pictures weren’t so funny, you could call them “conceptual art” and enter them for the Turner prize.

Sunday Times magazine

Oll ‘da chi ei angen ydi clawr LP a wyneb (golygus ai peidio), a bingo – mae gennych wyneb clawr! Hawdd!

Bandit (Welsh TV show)

I love this. Brilliant idea. I wish I thought of it!

Marc Ecko (fashion designer) in blog

C’est l’idée futile et à la mode de ce mois. Prenez une pochette de disque. Idéalement celle d’un 33 tours, représentant une quelconque partie du corps humain (visage, main, jambe…). Choisissez ensuite un homme ou une femme de votre entourage, et faites-le coïncider avec la pochette du disque. Ensuite, prenez une photo. Vous venez de réussir un sleeveface (littéralement « visage de pochette »), des clichés qui se diffusent sur Internet.

Le Monde (French newspaper)

This book WON’T help you lose weight, make friends or money, won’t help you give up chocolate or change the way you think. It will, however, make you laugh, stare and wonder at the brilliance of Sleeveface!

Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1

Sleeveface – The Book

UPDATE 17th November 2008

The Sleeveface book is available in shops now! Go to the book page for latest info.

sleeveface book

Below is an old post from September 2008.

Drumroll please…

Let’s recap. It started with a Paul McCartney sleeve, then swiftly led to one or more persons in Cardiff, Wales having TOO MUCH fun ransacking their record shelves – from Rolling Stones to Nugent to Bowie to Cymande to Streisand. And people brandishing cameras yelling “up a bit, down a bit”.Sleeveface has heralded several positive outcomes for humanity. Viz:

How To Sleeveface – the vid by Ewan Jones-Morris – which you have surely seen by now…

Flickr and Facebook groups

– Some rip-roaring Sleeveface parties, of which more soon

– A worldwide shortage of Barry Manilow records

– Students and dogs covering their faces with record sleeves

– Sleeveface, the book

So what’s in the book? Initially I envisaged a lengthy academic thesis about how it combines Marcel Duchamp’s readymades and Magritte’s treachery of images to form Warholian pop art. I’m kidding. The book publisher would rightly have stuck up a nose to that.

So it’s a 192-page compilation of Sleeveface pictures – hilarious, debonair, artistic – and in full colour! (Color!)

It’ll make a great present for that certain person in your life. Namely, the person who likes books featuring pictures of people holding record sleeves in front of their faces.

You can pre-order the book now. Here’s some info:

Amazon Canada

Amazon UK

Find an independent USA bookstore
Amazon USA
Barnes & Noble USA

You can buy the book using the links above. We are also working on getting it released at shops in your country.

“This book WON’T help you lose weight, make friends or money, won’t help you give up chocolate or change the way you think. It will, however, make you laugh, stare and wonder at the brilliance of Sleeveface!” Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1

If you want to tip-off a book shop, the publisher is called Artisan Workman. Hooray!

For the curious, the Sleeveface photograph on the book cover was done by Gunnar Bangsmoen. It’s a record by the band Bob Hund who are signed to Silence records. Original design of the sleeve is by Martin Kann. “Be the vinyl” is taken from a rather enthusiastic quote by Andy Bell of Erasure when he heard about Sleeveface.