Sleeveface Art Exhibition – Opening Night

These pics were taken at last night’s opening party of the Sleeveface Exhibition in Cardiff, UK.

Pop along for two floors of fantastic Sleeveface photos, plus screenings of Sleeveface video footage and – as you can see – the opportunity to try it yourself.

It’s open all this week at G39, Mill Lane, Cardiff, CF10 1FH. Opening hours are 11AM till 5:30PM, lasting till Saturday 15th November 2008. Entry free.

Sleeveface Art Exhibition

sleeveface g39

The dust has just settled on our Sleeveface Exhibition in Cardiff city centre, UK and we’re ready to open.

In conjunction with the rather marvellous Swn Festival we are displaying, for the very first time, a selection of sleevefaces in an art gallery.

There’s a discernably new level of detail when you check out sleeveface pics in this context. I’m looking forward to seeing people flood in and enjoy it. It’s perhaps the most “immediate” art show you could witness in a gallery like this.

The exhibition opens tonight at 6:30PM. It’s at G39, Mill Lane, Cardiff, CF10 1FH.

Normal opening hours are 11AM till 5:30PM. It lasts till Saturday 15th November 2008. Entry free.

Greetings from Wales if you’re based elsewhere! Check back for some pics soon. Or better still, subscribe to our news feed.

Sleeveface – The Book

UPDATE 17th November 2008

The Sleeveface book is available in shops now! Go to the book page for latest info.

sleeveface book

Below is an old post from September 2008.

Drumroll please…

Let’s recap. It started with a Paul McCartney sleeve, then swiftly led to one or more persons in Cardiff, Wales having TOO MUCH fun ransacking their record shelves – from Rolling Stones to Nugent to Bowie to Cymande to Streisand. And people brandishing cameras yelling “up a bit, down a bit”.Sleeveface has heralded several positive outcomes for humanity. Viz:

How To Sleeveface – the vid by Ewan Jones-Morris – which you have surely seen by now…

Flickr and Facebook groups

– Some rip-roaring Sleeveface parties, of which more soon

– A worldwide shortage of Barry Manilow records

– Students and dogs covering their faces with record sleeves

– Sleeveface, the book

So what’s in the book? Initially I envisaged a lengthy academic thesis about how it combines Marcel Duchamp’s readymades and Magritte’s treachery of images to form Warholian pop art. I’m kidding. The book publisher would rightly have stuck up a nose to that.

So it’s a 192-page compilation of Sleeveface pictures – hilarious, debonair, artistic – and in full colour! (Color!)

It’ll make a great present for that certain person in your life. Namely, the person who likes books featuring pictures of people holding record sleeves in front of their faces.

You can pre-order the book now. Here’s some info:

Amazon Canada

Amazon UK

Find an independent USA bookstore
Amazon USA
Barnes & Noble USA

You can buy the book using the links above. We are also working on getting it released at shops in your country.

“This book WON’T help you lose weight, make friends or money, won’t help you give up chocolate or change the way you think. It will, however, make you laugh, stare and wonder at the brilliance of Sleeveface!” Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1

If you want to tip-off a book shop, the publisher is called Artisan Workman. Hooray!

For the curious, the Sleeveface photograph on the book cover was done by Gunnar Bangsmoen. It’s a record by the band Bob Hund who are signed to Silence records. Original design of the sleeve is by Martin Kann. “Be the vinyl” is taken from a rather enthusiastic quote by Andy Bell of Erasure when he heard about Sleeveface.

Charity Shopping

Today we have picked up some gems from Cardiff’s charity shops. And when I say gems, I mean RECORDS.

(Incidentally thanks to all the shops we cleaned out. At least one should be reading this – hello Wales Air Ambulance.)

We’ll be taking today’s hoard to the rather excellent Latitude Festival in Suffolk this weekend. Then on Friday at the Lake Stage it’s Sleeveface party time – after the bands.

Come and say hello, pose for Sleevefaces (pile of sleeves and snapper on standby) and dance your flip-flops off.

And now for a Sleeveface weather report…

Still optimistic. Contest


Sleeveface has hooked up with the online music marketplace,, for a competition that could net you a 150 Euro voucher to spend on the site.

Here’s the lowdown: You do a Sleeveface. You post it onto the gallery of

There is then a public vote for the world’s favourite Sleeveface. On June 30th, the votes will be counted and the winner receives his or her voucher. That’s not all. Four runners-up receive a 50 Euro voucher, the next 10 win a 25 Euro voucher and the next 20 win a CD And LP t-shirt.

Just think 150 Euros… it’s the equivalent of 118 UK pounds – which equates to a seriously hefty amount of music!

Or you could spend the lot on some rare Sun Ra jazz record, that would be pretty dedicated.

May the best Sleeveface win!

Extra-curricular activities

Recently I have been mostly crossing out large parts of my diary and writing the names of summer music festivals in big capital letters.

Festivals, oh boy, festivals.

A few festival organisers have been in touch with us – to ask if we can play vinyl under the name Sleeveface DJs… and bring some of that madcap party atmosphere for which we’re known.

So we will be partying and Sleevefacing and showing loads of previously unseen Sleeveface video footage at:
in the UK plus a couple of other festivals – to be announced!

Festivals are also the perfect place to do Sleevefacing. Everyone’s a bit more willing and it’s like the best icebreaker exercise ever discovered, leading to peace, insight and true understanding. Why is this? Well, if you can find me at a festival and ask me about this around 4 o’clock in the morning then I will be happy to converse about the ramifications in great detail.