First known academic paper about Sleeveface emerges – in Brazil

When I’ve finished doing some serious Sleeveface I like to cuddle up to a proper academic paper with some hardcore theorising about (say) cultural theory, music, one or more persons doing media and so on. YEAH.

Paul McCartneySo you can imagine the academically-flavoured cocktail jamboree which took off in my household when I discovered re-significações do vinil na cibercultura, a paper written in Portuguese by Simone Pereira de Sá of the Universidade Federal Fluminense in Brazil. VIVA!

What’s more she’s clearly done her homework as she references some of my favourite people like Marshall McLuhan, Claude Lévi-Strauss and Diana Ross. And of course David Bowie. TOGETHER AT LAST!

I’m still pondering the ramifications of Simone’s work here. The Portuguese language is not among my core competencies (yet) so feel free to enlighten me if you are any the smarter. At the moment I have to make do with a crummy qualitat machine translation into English or Welsh.

Check out the paper re-significações do vinil na cibercultura.

You can also follow Simone Pereira de Sá on Twitter.

Brazil sends a lot of traffic to this website and I also get stacks of astounding Sleeveface pics from Brazilian Sleeveface enthusiasts. It is a very strong place for Sleeveface. If you want to know why, it’s probably the same reason that righteous rhythm mestre Gilberto Gil once became culture minister in the government. The country is just straight up cool. Big up Brazil.

Image credit: Iain Peebles / Ewan Jones-Morris / Carl Morris

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